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A few months back I was checking out documentaries on Netflix.  I know, it sounds boring.  I stumbled across the TLC Channel’s show called Hoarding: Buried Alive.  I was fascinated with what I saw.  Here were people who literally lived among trash and things that would be piled up to the ceiling, leaving only a tiny walkway or in some cases having to crawl over it all.  In the most extreme case I saw was a woman who would not throw out food.  She actually hoarded food!  Can you imagine yogurt that is over a year past the its expiration date, and she was eating it!

After watching a few episodes I began to see some common themes.  In every case, they would bring in an expert to help and it was apparent that the problem wasn’t the junk it was the person.  They knew that simply throwing out the stuff would only result in the same condition in a matter of a few months.  It was about the person making healthy decisions to separate from the material items.  In almost every case the person had some dramatic thing that had happened to them in their life that triggered this behavior.  The person was blinded to the magnitude of the problem.  They had some vague idea that something wasn’t right, but in their minds they couldn’t see what it was doing to their lives.  Health issues, bankruptcy, law suits, code violations, divorce, child protective services could not bring them to reality.

So as I sat and watched, I could hear the Holy Spirit say “this is what people’s sin looks like”.  We don’t want to see it for what it is regardless of the destruction it causes around us.  We live in and among it – and we sure don’t want to throw it out.  We are afraid of what life would look like without it.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.