So now that I have an official Blog site; when I log in my eyes are drawn to the navigation bar on the side.  This heading of “Categories” just glares at me.  To make it even words, the pre-set from WordPress automatically sets the page up with the sub-heading of “Uncategorized”.  There’s something about the “Un” part that makes me uneasy.  “Is your life really that UN-organized that you can’t put things into different groupings?”, I say to myself.

So as I sit here pecking away at the keyboard I start thinking of a what those major categories might be.  What differentiates a major category from a minor one?  Really, with endless possibilities I’m going to start with those things that are near the heart and see where it leads me.  It might seem a bit eclectic, but it reminds me of the line from the book The Shack, “You’re a living fractal”.

Ironically, this will be posted to the Uncategorized Category.