Noah Rockin’ the Crowd

As some of you might know, lately I’ve been learning to play the guitar.  So far, it has been a very gratifying experience.  There are several life applications that I have noticed about the process.  Starting out, I didn’t really know anything about reading music, or how to hold the guitar properly, or really anything.  Besides not know anything, my fingers weren’t prepared for the trauma that I was about to put them through.  My brain is trying to process reading a note on the paper, putting my fingers on the correct fret, and keeping a beat.  All the while my fingers feel like someone is shoving bamboo shoots under my fingernails every time I press down on the string.

So you are probably wondering, “what’s so gratifying about this?”.  Well, it’s been about 6 weeks now, and I’m able to put together something that sounds recognizable.   My body has responded by forming calluses on the tips of my fingers to where I don’t feel any pain and I can apply the proper pressure to the string.  My oldest son, Max, was studying about the muscles in the hand today.  He was telling me how our brain is thinking subconsciously eight steps ahead of the actual movement of the our hand. This made me think of when I see the musical notes now, my fingers are starting to move to the proper place without having to think (too much) about it.

The big life-lessons so far have been – when God calls us to do something, He also prepares us not only physically but mentally.  Our lives are one big symphony that is being played out to the Lord.  Like placing our fingers on the correct fret and knowing when to strum; life can feel as though so much is coming at us that we can’t to figure out where we should be or when to do it.  Often times we play the wrong note altogether and it’s less than pleasing to experience.  So as my other son, Noah, said “Music – it calms the heart Dad” we just have to keep playing our life song and before long it’s a beautiful melody that makes its way up to the very throne of God.  It’s in Christ that we truly find a calm heart.