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Country Living Fair

Gidget and I attend the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain Georgia this past weekend.  I know, it doesn’t sound all that manly.  But that didn’t matter, it was a much-needed and overdue getaway for just the two of us.  With no kids, there were times when the quietness made it seem almost awkward at times.  Having uninterrupted conversations and being able to string together a complete sentence had this vague familiarity at first.  One evening during dinner, we were talking of how nice it has been to be able to start “dating” again.  Really it’s ashamed that we get lost in the day-to-day so much that we forget to do just that.

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Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  There was lots of food to sample, “how-to” exhibits, and looking at all of the antique stuff that people were selling.  We would walk and discuss how this or that might look in our home.  And that’s something that I’ve always loved about my wife, she always wants our home to feel like home.  I loved just watching her.

Treasure Hunting

Some of our favorite finds while we were there

Right after Gidget found her owl necklace

Christian Jewelry Maker, Rebeka Blocher (http://www.rebekahblocher.com/)

Carol Kemery’s distressed painting (http://www.caromalcolours.com/)

Christian Photographer, Tiffany Kimmet (http://www.kimmetphotography.com/site/Welcome.html)

The Jam & Jelly Lady (I’m not sure what her name is but she makes great jam) (http://www.jamandjellylady.com/)