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Well I started out of the gate pretty good with this whole blogging thing, but it seems that different areas of my life are competing for the only constant variable I have – time.  Since my incident with the punctured gas tank we took a 4 day mini-vacation camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, a two day trip to Columbia, SC for a wedding, and a day with a friend, his son, and Max to the IAAPA convention.  Throw in some basketball practices, trips to the grocery, Gidget being very sick the entire time, and on an on and on, there doesn’t seem to be much time left over.

The other night Noah needed picked up from practice.  With days just flying by, I just had to ask my wife to ride along just so we could have some time to talk.  It wasn’t about big stuff.  It was that we needed to connect with each other at some intellectual level.  Being busy, even though there was a lot of fun mixed in can creep in on you.  Being busy I think is what gets in the way of meaningful relationship with those around us.

So with Thanksgiving coming up with some vacation days to boot, I’m planning to dial things way back for a few days.  I’m planning to get on my kid’s level by playing some basketball and video games.  I’m planning to go have dinner with my wife!  I’m planning to not be so darn busy and be intentional about the relationships of the three people who are so meaningful to me! … and I’m sure it will give me something to write about too!