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Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen with Lots of Customers !

We made our Saturday trek to Winter Park’s Farmer’s Market yesterday.  It’s been a bit of a Saturday morning date routine for my wife and I in the past.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to make it for a few months (see previous post on being busy).  The prices are pretty good and you can’t beat the environment.  All of your senses are brought to life from the moment you cross the railroad tracks.  The aroma from the kettle corn guy, the colorful sights of fresh flowers, the taste samplings from the honey guy and my favorite – the real vanilla guy.

So our ritual is usually predicable.  We almost always get some fresh lettuce from the hydroponic guy, grab some various vegetables, see if the orange juice guy has some liquid sunshine (the stuff in the store isn’t even close), and then walk down Park Ave.  We usually return our groceries to the cold bag in the car before walking down the “Ave” as I’ve overheard the locals refer to it.  It’s very quaint with a brick street, unique clothing stores, and restaurants with table service along the sidewalk.

Art Never Tasted so Good!

There’s this great French bakery that we always seem to end up to have a little breakfast.  The owner is from France and believe me there is nothing lost in the food’s translations. Well yesterday we deviated from the norm and noticed that Barnie’s Coffee had gotten a  facelift during our absence from our routine.  It is now called Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen

Latte Art

in which they are serving a breakfast and lunch menu.  Where before it was very Starbuck-esk in it’s look and feel, now there’s this big coffee been roaster in the middle of the restaurant, table service provided by very pleasant people, latte’s that look like a work of art, and pretty good food.  After I chatted with the lady about roasting coffee  beans (I had to make it educational), we ordered our coffee and breakfast.  Gidget had the Kitchen French Toast while I had the Spanish Frittata.

French Toast

It was good to see (and taste) a business being creative, taking risk, and growing.  By the looks of the crowd it’s going to be successful which is even better to see.

Roasting Coffee Beans – it doesn’t get any fresher