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Learning to garden, and for that matter grow anything in Florida has been a challenge. This year my friend Pilar got me interested in a technique of self-watering gardening. When we first started talking about it, bucket gardening seemed the way to go – and I found this guy online that used a gutter to accomplish the same thing. It looked like a great alternative to stacking buckets and running tubing between each bucket.

What I’ve learned so far is – there is a lot to know. It seems as though I am fighting a multi-front war between dry weather, rainy weather, fungus, deer, tropic storm Andrea, and the latest is this little worm.


I have tried to stay true to an organic approach to gardening this season. But this is really the last straw. So far if have grown the most expensive tomato known to man and apparently the only ones getting nutrition from my garden are these worms. Well I just unleashed the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on these worms with Sevin with the hopes that I will recapture my plants.

Here are some pictures of the gutter gardening system so far.