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When the alarm went off this morning I have to say I didn’t feel much like going on my run. It’s early, 4:30 to make it real, and the pillow is making some very compelling arguments. There are lots of things that I really love about getting my run in at such an hour. First it isn’t nearly as hot in the morning, by about 20 degrees throughout the summer. Probably the nicest thing is just how quiet it is with virtually no traffic (especially with school out). Since I don’t listen to music it’s just the sound of my feet and the rhythm of my breath. People wouldn’t believe just how much wildlife is roaming through a subdivision at that time of the day. For the past two runs I have been within 6′ of a deer grazing in someone’s yard. One morning I counted 12 leaping across the road together. Armadillos seem to be very confused and its kind of cool to watch them roll up in a ball. There’s supposed to be a Super Moon over the next couple of days. That will be awesome!

Anyways, you get the picture. Well I overcame the rebellion of my pillow and got my minimalist shoes on to hit the road this morning. I told myself that I would just take it easy and just get my time in. I can usually tell if its going to be a good one or a struggle, and I definitely wasn’t feeling it. Well I was not a good predictor because when it was all said and done I was just 2 seconds off my personal record.

When I think of that its really nothing over 3.5 miles. Concentration for a time, a fraction more effort, whatever – it would have made the difference between just another run and a new record. There’s the life lesson. Sometimes you start out just putting the time in, but when you come up short and reflect on what you did, there are so many factors that “could have made the difference”. God help me not to look back at the end of the run called life and come up short with those I love. I hope my wife, my sons, my family, my friends look back on my run and know I wasn’t just putting in my time.