My son and I got up early this morning to go fishin’ with my friend on the St. John River. The alarm was set to 4:45 to be on the water by 6:00. That not too bad for me, but I think Noah was second guessing his decision to go. Well like they say “there’s no such thing as a bad day fishing”. The river is such a beautiful place to and it’s right here in my back yard. I really need to do this more often.


The fish weren’t being very nice to us today. In fact, we (my friend) only caught one small bass. To add insult to injury there was another guy that came in the same time we did. He and his buddy had been working a spot where there was a lot of current. He said they caught about 55 between them. He had blood all over the front of his shirt so I don’t think it was a fish story. Even so, we had a great time out there and hopefully will go again soon.