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20130706-091724.jpgI went out fishing with my friend again yesterday. Again I got skunked by the bass (but hopefully you enjoy my pictures). My friend caught 3 bass and 1 alligator using the horny toad lure. We had several fishing poles rigged up with different lures from the Alabama rig (my friend’s wife calls it the bass chandler), plastic worms, buzz bait, crank bait, and the trusty banjo minnow. But the only thing that was working was the toad. There we sat in the middle of the St. John at about 7 am, new trolling motor, and fish leaping out of the water to eat their breakfast. None of which included what was on the end of our fishing line. I actually think they were taunting us. It was really pretty ridiculous.

I have a pretty funny story about the banjo minnow. I have never really fished much as you can probably tell, but several years ago I was on a project where I was away from home Monday through Friday. There were several reservoirs in the City where I stayed (Batesville, IN). When the day was over, I opted to take up some fishing (and golfing) instead of sit in a stupid hotel room and watch TV. I ordered the Banjo Minnow lures from an infomercial. I have to say they worked pretty good. I was joking with my friend the last time we were out about them that the bass’ “instinct takes over” according to the manufacturer. So when he was picking up his new trolling motor he bought me a package of them (as a joke I’m sure). I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s a gimmick. So we went to their house for a 4th BBQ and he had rigged up the poles to get ready for the next day. One of them had the trusty Banjo Minnow on it. I decided to give it a whirl in the retention pond behind their house while we were waiting on the grill. I kid you not, on the first cast I had a bass. I gave the pole to my son and within 10 minutes he caught one as well. I laughed so hard!

Here is Brian fighting the gator to get his new lure back (which he did).

Here’s me and my son slayin’ them with the Banjo Minnow in the retention pond on the 4th.


Here is some guy flying and ultralight helicopter (can you say crazy).