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Last night I attended the memorial service for Dick Weber, a man I had barely even known. He has lived in Central Florida for the past several decades and was the first cousin to my mother. I hadn’t seen that part of my family in over twenty years and hardly recognized the few faces of the the people that I did know. I went because he was a person that was important to my mother and I knew it would mean a great deal to my mom if I went.

I have to say that I am the one who was blessed by the experience. He was a man who would have been married for SIXTY years this next month to his wife Janet who was so gracious. He had three sons, a daughter, and thirteen grandchildren. I met my mother’s other cousins Maxine and Sue. I had the opportunity to talk with Maxine the oldest of that generation of Webers for quite some time. She had such a sweet personality as she told stories of her brother and my mom and their childhood. I even learned from talking to my mom later that Dick had lived with them (my grandparents) for a time then they were young and as a kid how he had hit my mom in the head with a hatchet. Good Lord!

This was a service unlike any other that I have attended. The pastor opened it up to people to recall memories of this man. It started with his thirteen grandchildren going forward together. What a moving time of sweet recollections of this man who made each of them feel special and loved. There were a couple of other men who stood and described him as a “man’s man” and a “gentle giant”.

I understood from all of this that this was a man who had a very special place in the hearts of many people. He was a man that made family important and left a legacy when his time here was done. I wish that I had known him better. May The Lord comfort those who will surely miss him.