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20130712-181951.jpgToday we have put in place the sarcasm jar in my corner of the office. In an effort to overcome my sometimes cutting wit (known as sarcasm), and raise awareness of this I’ve decided it’s going to have to get into my wallet. I was called out on it last week by a co-worker who said “sarcasm is just anger in a clown suit”. Boy did that go straight for the jugular. I instantly had images of scary clowns tormenting me.

So we got a big ol’ empty tub from the animal cracker snacks to make into our new “Sarcasm Jar”. On the outside, I printed out the definition of sarcasm and taped it right to the jar. The cost of the offense is in big black lettering on the jar for all to see.

We have put into place some loose rules for the sarcasm offenders. First of all, the penalty will apply to anyone who is in this area of the office. Kind of a sarcasm free zone if you will. Everyone will be on the honor system. In other words, there isn’t an enforcer. Lastly, its 25 cents per occurrence. We had big ideas of $1 per occurrence but I felt it may be too detrimental to my wallet initially. We have decide to review the penalty amount after we get started. If the 25 cents doesn’t hurt enough then it goes up. If we overcome this to the point of a rare occurrence, the price will go up. I texted my wife today with the picture of the jar and said that I am going to need a roll of quarters. At some point we will give the money to an anger management charity (yet to be determined). We must completely kill this clown.