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This mornings run was a mental challenge for sure. I slept hard last night, the kind where you just feel heavy when you wake. It took a long time to even recognize the alarm was going off. To make things more difficult my stomach wasn’t feeling the greatest. In short, I didn’t want to run.

As I laid there going through the mental debate with my internal voice, I had to will myself to put my feet on the ground and get out of bed. That is always the biggest obstacle to clear; unfortunately it’s the first one. Even after I got into my run, I didn’t want to be running. That’s kind of unusual for me because after about a half mile or so things stop hurting and I actually enjoy the rhythm of it all. Not so today.

I use my iPhone app Map My Run to track my workouts. I found this great belt by SPIbelt that works great for holding my phone. I don’t like those arm bands so this belt works great. I also don’t like to listen to music when I run so I just use the phone for the GPS to keep track of my distances and pace. Well Map My Run has added a new feature recently that lets you rate your run when you’ve finished. One of the options is basically paraphrased “I felt awful” but they spin it “You Grew Stronger”. I like that positive spin. It really made me think in the moment that – sometimes I have to just muscle through it even when I don’t want to have anything to do with it (whatever IT happens to be). There is always something to be learned even when you don’t want to go to class. This mornings class was out on the asphalt, and I’m glad I decided to go.