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Our little “camp site” – got that at a garage sale for $20 never opened

It’s a day at the beach with my wife. A much needed day of just being together as a couple. Things have been a little stressed around the old homestead this past week. We seem to be busy all the time which means that time to communicate is taking it on the chin. One thing you can count on in married life, if you’re not working on relationship you are going to hit some bumps in the road. Yesterday I thought to myself this summer is almost over and I haven’t even been to the beach. This is a real shame considering that it takes less then an hour to get there from my house.
My youngest and his friends bailed on us this morning as the skies didn’t look promising. What was their loss was my gain. It was nice to work through some things with my bride and clear the air. It was good to just relax in the sun,enjoy the sea breeze and even a few pastries.