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De Azúcar Bakeshop on Urbanspoon
My wife really seems to be getting in to me writing about independent food finds. I just can’t figure out why. Lately the ladies in her circle of friends have been chatting up a local Oviedo bake shop – DeAzúcar Bake Shop.

DeAzúcar [day ah-thoo’-car] is spanish for sweet. The place has a very simple yet charming decor. When you walk in the pastries certainly make a great focal point. There were two very nice girls that took our order and gave us a little bit of background behind this great little find. They were happy to share with me that the owner had once owned a bakery in Texas over twenty years ago, and that since moving to Oviedo way back then she has always wanted to open another bakery. Fortunately for us she has taken the leap of opening up the business this past January.

My wife enjoyed a Café Con Laché that was made from espresso beans roasted locally in Clermont Florida. It was really crafted well and had a nice strong (but not bitter) taste. The young ladies suggested that I try one of the owners favorites the Almond Tart. I also had my eye on the Coconut Cake Bar. I ordered both and we sat there sampling each with much enjoyment. We even brought home a couple of the Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls for our boys to try out. They were a great hit.

It’s a great little find in Oviedo and I certainly hope that others find their way to DeAzúcar to try out some of the really good looking selections on the menu.