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After my last post on running and deciding wether or not I should actually call myself a runner; I have battled a very bad cough and cold. Isn’t that how it goes? Talk about being a runner and then have to take off nine days. Well yesterday morning I hit the pavement again. I ran my normal route of 3.4 miles and honestly it felt pretty good. I just took it easy and wanted to get my run in without coughing up a lung. At that point I was successful.
The one thing I wasn’t expecting was some crazy leg cramps. Last night we were watching a movie (Footloose) at home with friends and my left calf totally cramped up. That’s irony for you, leg cramps while watching Footloose. I think I provided some great entertainment value to our guest. I can’t really say that I have ever had anything like that happen to me. It just completely knotted up and was so incredibly painful. I have been drinking coconut water and Gatorade to help with this. I’ve been getting cramps in the bottom of my feet as well. It certainly doesn’t take long for your body to begin the process of degeneration.