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It seems like I must be the only blogger on the planet that is writing about fishing without actually catching any fish.  I can’t figure out why that is not driving all kinds of traffic to this site.  Opps … there’s another $.25 to the jar (see Sarcasm 25 Cents).

Today, my friend and I were super pumped about going to one of the best bass fishing lakes in the world (so they say), Lake Tohopekaliga, in Kissimmee, FL.  We were supposed to go a couple of weeks ago, but he ended up having to go to the emergency room that same morning.  It’s always exciting to think of slaying the big one and trying to decide what’s big enough to “mount on the wall”.  When we got to the boat launch, there was a store where they had some monster bass mounted and on display.  In the picture there are two, yes two, 14 pounders on the wall.  So now I am about as giddy as a school girl about what we are in for.  Heck, by this time I’m thinking of all the endorsements that I will get by the end of the day.

I have to say that we had some close encounters with some big ones.  There were three or four that broke the water surface that got the adrenaline pumping.  But when the day was done, I didn’t have to worry about all the trouble it was going to be to find a taxidermist to mount that trophy fish.

I have never had a friend with a boat that actually invited me to go fishing with them, so I’m not going to be upset because the fish aren’t participating in my adventure.  I am just thankful to be able to spend time on the water, and if you will look around in life, you are surrounded by some pretty amazing things.  God has done some amazing work here!  So I leave you with some more photos from “Fishing”.  Maybe next time there will actually be some fish in the photos!