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Burger 21 on Urbanspoon
My wife and I took our oldest son to Burger 21 today after church today.  He’s been feeling a little left out of the food blogging experience.  Since he is a new UCF Knight this fall, I decided we should see what this restaurant has to offer the college students.

The burgers were very juicy with a lot of flavor.  I ordered the Black and Blue angus burger, my son the Tex-Mex Haystack burger, and my wife got chicken at the burger restaurant with the Buffalo Chicken with a lettuce wrap.  Everyone felt their selections lived up to their expectations.  We had the an order of their Cheese & Ale Fries to split among all of us.  For drinks I tried the Boylan Black Cherry soda made with cane sugar.  I wasn’t completely impressed with the soda, but I also sampled the shakes that they had ordered – the Chocolate Malted Milk Ball shake & the Strawberry shake.  The shakes were very good and would be worth stopping in just for one of them.  They offer several different sauces at their sauce bar for either your burger or fries.

The restaurant has a feel almost like you are at an IKEA store.  There’s plenty of space even though there were quite a few people there for lunch.  They do a play on the letter B wherever you look.  B kind, B Shaken (shake bar), B Saucy (sauce bar), and for the bathroom B a Man.

I try to keep my blogs about local restaurants to those that areindependently owned but in this case I made an exception.  After all it’s my blog so it’s my rules.  I’m glad I broke my own rules today and tried Burger 21.  I’m sure that we will go again, and the next time I will order my own shake.