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Brooklyn Water Bagels on Urbanspoon
We found a great little bagel shop last weekend called Brooklyn Water Bagels.  Not only did they have good breakfast sandwiches, it was educational as well.  The idea appears that they start by purifying the water that is used in the process of making the bagels.  You can watch the entire process of making the bagels through the windows – from water purification, to mixing, all the way to baking.  One thing that I didn’t realize before was that they boil the bagels in water before they go in the oven.  It appears that they use the purified water to make their coffee as well.  The restaurant had a great feel to it, with old black and white sitcoms playing on the mounted flatscreen.  Others seem to have caught on as there were several people in line.  It was a chilly day so seating was limited.  

Everyone is was very nice and willing to take the time to explain the process to us.  The lady behind the register was very helpful & patient as we made our selections.  You can get your bagels to go and they will give you a freezer bag to keep them fresh. A great experience that I’m sure we will try to re-create in the future.