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Doris Martin


Spring storms. Flood waters.  This week a dear friend of our family (especially to my parents), Doris Martin, passed away.  Her passing was a result of a tragic drowning accident.  When I heard the news I felt waves of emotion.  The main question that ran through my head, “Why should this sweet Christian woman with such a gentle spirit suffer such a tragic and abrupt end to her life?”.  She was a school teacher that made a difference in the lives of so many children and families in our Pittsboro community.  She was a great friend to my parents and family.  She was a great wife and life companion to her husband Ernie.  They were always together, even in those final moments.  I can’t even imagine!

Life is fragile.  It can slip away in a moment’s notice.  When life ends abruptly, it always resonates deep in my heart.  I think to myself “how unfair”.  There’s never a guarantee that you get to settle the accounts of your relationships with others.  There isn’t even a guarantee of a “good bye” or even an “I love you”.

So life was cheated this week, but not for Doris.  She is with the King, her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Her life now is with the heavenly host who cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy!!!”  The life that was cheated is in the lives of so many that knew her.  The life moments that won’t happen now with family and friends because of this tragedy

Please pray for her husband Ernie, and the countless others that are so grief stricken.